Walking With Thee – Clinic

This is one of my husband and I’s “songs”. Not because it is romantic but we first heard it together when we were dating and both really liked it. I think we both dug the part of the song where they yell “No!” It was before he lived with me and was just visiting and we spent the rest of the visit trying to track down who did the song. It wasn’t until after I tracked it down. And Clinic became part of our music library. They have lots of songs I love but this one I have a soft spot for.

I love the organ in it. More people need to play crazy organs. I love the energy of the song. Its fast and crazy the whole way through not just at the chorus like other songs. I love the drum and playing before the “no” yelling. And of course I love the yelling of “No!”

Another song I don’t know what the heck it is about. I just read through the lyrics and still can’t say. Its okay. You can sing along to the chorus and yell no. What more could you want?

Live Video of Clinic Performing Walking With Thee

Wikipedia on Clinic

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