Teeth in the Grass – Iron & Wine

Usually when I think of Iron & Wine, I think of the slower, lighter, sentimental songs he does like the cover of Such Great Heights or Naked as We Come. I love these songs but I think because of these songs I can appreciate Teeth In The Grass all the more.

When I listen to it, it conjures images of sitting on a porch in the deep south and everyone playing their hearts out just for the heck of it. When I listen I have a hard time not wanted to stomp my foot or hit the table in time.

I especially love how there is a squeaky noise which I imagine is a method of playing the guitar but can’t be sure. I like it because it makes it sound even more like someone playing out on their porch on their old guitar. Its guitar playing like this that made me want to attempt guitar playing because its so expressive all on its own.

His lyrics are always amazing, they remind me of poetry. Imagery with metaphor. My favorite is the last stanza.

And when there’s nothing to want
When we’re all brilliant and fast
When all tomorrows are gone
There will be teeth in the grass

Youtube of Teeth In The Grass

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