Take Five – David Brubeck

I never thought I would get much into jazz though I have good associations with jazz. My dad was a huge big band fan so I was familiar with the style and it reminds me of my childhood and my dad. But I was never a huge fan since prior to meeting my husband my music style was mostly what I would call “angry rock.”

Take Five is a classic. I don’t really understand the innovative nature of it because I am not very educated in music theory etc. It has something to do with the beat. I just know I like it. I like the way there is the underlying drum and piano with the overlay of sax.

My husband and I saw Brubeck live a year or so ago and when the band started to play Take Five, the old ladies practically threw their girdles on stage. It would have been funny if the live version had not been so amazing. I considered throwing my bra up there.

Video of David Brubeck Quartet playing Take Five

This daily song entry was assembled with help of my husband who is the real jazz fan.

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