Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five

For some reason, I had a very hard time settling on a song today. Nothing was hitting me in a way that I was like “Yes, I love this song.” Until I got to Ben Folds Five. Then I was having issues selecting which song from the album this song is on, Whatever & Ever Amen.

This song is good because it has 2 of the things I love about BFF, crazy piano and hilarious lyrics. They do have some serious songs but when I think them, I tend to think of songs like this. I think my older sister will appreciate these lyrics in particular:

Oh well, maybe not
I’ll try again
this should cheer you up for sure
see I’ve got your old I.D.
and you’re all dressed up like the Cure.

Isn’t the piano amazing? I know synthesizers are all the rage now, but I wish there were more real pianos. I love the piano on this song though you can’t hear it as well on the youtube video, on the actual album, its way more prevalent. I imagine Ben Folds (the piano player/front man) having to be off his seat and almost standing as he pounds out the notes. Its so energetic at parts.

You can definitely here the jazz influences with this song. But its also very rock and roll. I love when people can bring to genres together in a way that you may not even notice unless you listen to the song a million times.

Video of Battle of Who Could Care Less

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