Exit Music (For a Film) – Radiohead

OK Computer is in my top 5 albums of all time. I could listen to the entire album on loop from now til December.

This song is a great example of how Thom Yorke’s voice is simply amazing. It goes from quiet and low to big and almost frightening to a creepy quiver. In looking at his bio on wikipedia it doesn’t appear he has had any formal voice training either. And really if he couldn’t do the things with his voice that he can do, this song wouldn’t work. Its a very dark song and not everyone can sing in a way to meet that mood.

The guitar work in the live performance totally surprised me. In the studio version the strange sounds in the song were done with recordings but somehow they figured out a way to manipulate the guitar to make similar strange sounds along with the regular guitar sounds by Yorke as he sings. It makes me all the more eager to see them live someday.

The lyrics are pretty simple, especially for Radiohead which has some pretty messed up lyrics in other songs. I like these in particular:

Breathe, keep breathing
Don’t lose your nerve
Breathe, keep breathing
I can’t do this alone.

Live Performance of Exit Music

Wikipedia Entry on Exit Music

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