Life on a Chain – Pete Yorn

Life on a Chain – Pete Yorn

This song will forever be associated with the summer before I moved to Los Angeles when I was working at Barnes & Noble. I loved when this would come on over the sound system at the store. This is very rocking for BN.

I am such a huge fan of songs that start out one way and then seemingly totally change. The old crackily radio sound is such an interesting way to start the song.

Pete Yorn seems to have the Tom Petty thing going on in that he has a little bit of country mixed with his rock and roll. This song definitely reminds me of old school country but is definitely rock and roll.

I love how fast the song is all the way through. I feel like I am being propelled through the song with the drums and guitar. And it just keeps picking up pace.

I love the lyrics too. They are kind of country, I think.

And you were the sunshine heading my front line,
I was alone you were just around the corner from me.
I, I’m still on the chain, and you, had the same last name,
As a joke I sent a bottle of whiskey
As you choked you said it made you feel dirty…

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