Dakota – Stereophonics

I think I will always like songs about summer love. I especially like this one because its not about how much the main character liked/loved the other person its more about how they felt in the relationship. And often isn’t that what we really miss in failed relationships? How good they made US feel?

As my reviews have shown (I am realizing this too) I love a song that starts out slow and then goes into a bigger sound. I love the weird song this starts out. I am not sure if it is a synthesizer or a filter for a guitar. This song has a lot of sounds I can’t pinpoint as a particular instrument. There is definitely a guitar under everything that is awesome. Its very simple but LOUD especially during the chorus.

I love the singer’s voice, it has a raspy edge to it that works really well and adds to the feeling of the song. But his voice isn’t so raspy to make it sound old and haggared. This is a Welsh band, so it could come from his accent. I am always confused why often you can’t hear accents in songs for the most part.

I think this is a good song for a Friday summer day. Think about some of your past summer loves.

Video for Dakota

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