Fidelity – Regina Spektor

This song sounds kind of happy at first but the lyrics make me a little teary. To me its about how if you protect yourself against getting hurt you will miss out on love even if it doesn’t last or you get hurt.

I love these lyrics:
And suppose I never ever met you
Suppose we never fell in love
Suppose I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft
Suppose I never ever saw you
Suppose we never ever called
Suppose I kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall
Just to break my fall
Just to break my fall

Regina has a beautiful voice. I love female singers who have that kind of whispery quality to their lower register. It reminds me of old time jazz singers.

I love the piano in this song which is highlighted. It gives the song an upbeat or whimsical sound rather than being a more serious sounding song. According to wikipedia Regina is “antifolk” but it sounds pretty made up to me. It just sounds like standard singer/songwriter type music, which I like a lot.

Video for Fidelity

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