I Summon You – Spoon

I have to say in listening to the entire album Spoon definite sound. I love the lead singers voice. The best way I can describe it is it sounds like he has had a cold FOREVER but it makes the songs sound really gritty in a good way. I feel like if you went back in time with a Spoon CD and played it for someone in the 60’s they wouldn’t be shocked or confused because Spoon would fit right in.

I like that the guitar is so simple in this song. It has some variation and complexity but it is basically the same all the way through but just changing the chord its in slightly. Mostly its the singer’s voice. I am posting both the studio version and a version from The Black Cab sessions which is the lead singer in the back of a black cab playing the song. Really other than some tambourine or perhaps its a cymbal on the studio version, the sound is not much different.

I also like that it has a good rhythm that you can kind of swish to but its not necessarily a “peppy” song.

I don’t know for sure what this song is about even by looking at the lyrics. But I like it anyway.

Studio Version

Black Cab Session Version

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