California – Phantom Planet

I have a leaning towards songs that make reference to California and/or Los Angeles. I admit it! Especially when they make reference to things like the highways or places that I don’t think people not from the area would know. This song is particularly high in the level of references though it does reference the 101 which is a big freeway running from LA all the way up to Washington State.

The musical aspect of the song is also good. I like the piano that starts out the song and I like how the song builds as the instruments are added to a crescendo with the drums coming in last and loud. I feel like the drums are very prominent in this song in building the sound out. Since I am married to a drummer and have therefore learned a little more about drums I noticed that a lot of songs the drums are really only cymbal play or perhaps a little bass. I can actually hear snare and other drum sounds in this song.

I like the singer’s voice is kind of rough and is in a mid-range. I feel like sometimes male singers can end up either in a super low range or way up in falsetto. Though at times the back up singing does get higher.

Video for California

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