Eye – Smashing Pumpkins

selected this song and then spent an hour trying to track down a full studio recording of this I could link to. Apparently not a favorite with many other people.

I don’t always like synth sounds that are so clearly computer generated and don’t sound at all like real instruments but in the case of this song, I think it really works. I especially like the predominant fuzzy buzzy sound later in the song that I imagine is made by a guitar with a special pedal. I like how the instrumentals seem to purposely bury the singer’s voice and then clear out making his voice more of the focus in certain parts.

Billy Corgan, the lead singer for Smashing Pumpkins sounds amazing on the studio version of this song. I think his voice is very expressive though it always kind of sounds like he is slightly out of breath, doesn’t it?

Eye of Last.fm

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