Brimful of Asha – Cornershop

I love the energy of this song. Its just a cheerful and upbeat song. I can see why so many dance mixes were created with this song. It makes me tap my foot just listening to it.

I don’t think I have ever listened to any other Cornershop but I like how this song has the subtle Indian music influences aside from the subject matter. And I love when songs that are fast and crazy like this drop in other sounds like electronica sounds and such. It seems to give the song a more fun vibe and less serious.

And then there is the chorus: Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Which just makes me laugh. Why? Because I am 7 years old.

According to wikipedia this song is dedicated to an Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle.

User Video with song Brimful of Asha

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