Grounds for Divorce – Elbow

I admit, I only learned of this song because its in the promo for season 6 for House M.D. — which oh my gosh looks so awesome!!!! So I wanted to hear the full versions of the song because in the promo it sounded so cool.

I love the mix of old Southern sound and electric guitar. I assume there is some sort of filter through which the singer’s voice is fed to make it sound like its old school. But his voice is beautiful regardless. I love when male singers have a richer sound like this than just low or high. He has real range. I also like when diction is clear enough I can actually understand the lyrics since I love lyrics. Like: Doubt comes in on sticks but then he kicks like a horse.

And then there is the part where is goes from soft and is only the singers voice and then circles up to a very rocking and rough sound.

Video for Grounds for Divorce

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