New Moon Rising – Wolfmother

It seems like a lot of bands are scared to commit to just being rock and roll these days (does that make me sound totally old?). But Wolfmother is so just straight rock and roll. Fast drums, yelling vocals and electric guitar. It has a modern bent but you can hear the 60’s rock influence.

I think I first heard Wolfmother through the game rock band. I stumbled upon this new song while looking for interesting new music and it hit me just right like Woman did probably because its so clear that Wolfmother’s members have listened to a lot of the 60’s bands I love like The Who and Hendrix.

The guitar in this song is so awesome. I love how the song starts right out with heavy and complex guitar and then cuts out with the start of the vocal building back to the complexity.

The lead vocals sound like they were put through some sort of filter but I can’t identify what it is exactly, they just sound super-human. Maybe its just the clean up from the studio but I like it. It sounds like he is yelling from on top of a mountain or something. I love it.

User Video of New Moon Rising

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