Paradise City – Guns N' Roses

Do I really even need to explain why this is a great song? Okay, fine. I will.

As is well established through my reviews I loved songs that start out one way and go another way. This starts out kind of ballad-seque and moves into a proper hard rock song. I love the guitar in the beginning. So beautiful and then mixed with the starting of the drums.

I love the drums in this song because they really punctuate the song but in a way you don’t even realize at first until you notice you are bobing your head into time to the beats.

I don’t know how Axel Rose went from singing in school chorus to being a rock star but his voice is unique and amazing. He hits highs like Bon Scott. Both are amazing male singers because of that because they could sing so high and yet still be total macho men.

If this song doesn’t make you want to dance your rock star dance (you know you practice it in the mirror) nothing will.

Video for Paradise City

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