Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

I have to admit that part of my love of this song is tied up with the crowd I ran with in college. And so this song reminds me of a lot of good times and reminds me of times I can’t remember…

This is also a great 60’s psychedelic rock song. I love how the song starts with a bunch of distortion and moves into the song. I love the rough quality to the lead singer’s voice but it still has this smooth lilt to it that I can’t quite describe.

The song has a great rhythm even though the drums are very minimal and blend in with the bass guitar sounds. I have a hard time not dancing when I hear this song or at least bouncing along to it.

The guitar solo/whale song toward the end does seem to drag on for a bit but it shows off some great guitar effects and funky synth action.

User video for Magic Carpet Ride

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