Sidewinder Sleep Tonight – REM

Let’s face it REM can be kind of a downer. And I like some of their downer songs like Losing My Religion or Everybody Hurts. But they have some great upbeat songs too, like this one.

I think Michael Stipe has a very unique sound even in this song he sounds a little angry or upset even though its a seemingly happy song.

I like the rhythmic sound of the “calling me when you trying to wake her up” is repeated over and over again.

This song has some hilarious and yet classic REM strange lyrics like these:

Baby, instant soup doesn’t really grab me.
Today I need something more sub-sub-sub-substantial.
A can of beans or blackeyed peas, some Nescafe and ice,
A candy bar, a falling star, or a reading of Doctor Seuss;

Video of Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

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