Wicked Games – Chris Isaak

This song and video caused me to have one of my first celebrity crushes. But how can you not crush on Chris Isaak. His voice is so beautiful and sensual in this song. Oh and hello, he is HOT.

This song is kind of strange because the guitar almost sounds like a country sound and the song itself had lyrics that could easily be lifted from a country song. It is afterall a love song about being rejected by your true love. I think the more bluesy drum track and the kind of worbly guitar chords that are struck help keep the song in the rock genre than falling off into country.

The vocals sometimes lapse into almost talking but when he sings, you can really hear the range. He can’t get super high but he reaches the high enough to show he has a low and high register in his singing.

This song is the perfect driving at night song.

Infamous Video of Wicked Games

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