Animal – Miike Snow

Go figure that long after my clubbing days are behind me, I actually start to like club style music. However, I like to think I like quality electronica. If they actually played Zero7, Royskopp and Miike Snow at clubs, maybe I would pick up the habit. Instead, I will just listen to it in the privacy of my own home and bounce around like an idiot.

I like the vocals on this track. For some reason it reminds me of Sting a little bit, perhaps it is the accent or the filter they are using, but it reminds me of some sounds I have heard on Police tracks. Its the higher range I think (and the accent even though you wouldn’t think a Swedish accent and a British one would sound similar).

I love the synth beat sound at the start of the song and the way it seems to have an echo or vibrating quality to it. It continues through out the song which makes it a good beat to focus on as I bounce around like an idiot. There is also a great fuzzy electronic guitar sound that almost fizzes.

I like that song mixes very electronic sounds that you can barely match with an instrument with things like a very organic sound of a piano (who knows if its an actual piano or not).

Video for Animal

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