Because the Night – Patti Smith

I was torn on which version to post of this song because the 10,000 Manics version is also really awesome. I settled on Patti because she’s the original and her version is a little more depth of emotion and seems to have aged better. I still love the 10,000 Manics version but it definitely seems to have a 90’s bent to it.

There is a lot going on this song but its Patti Smith’s voice that totally carries this song. Its so beautiful and has such range from being soft and romantic to having a forcefulness.

I love these lyrics:

Have I doubt when I’m alone
Love is a ring, the telephone
Love is an angel disguised as lust
Here in our bed until the morning comes
Come on now try and understand
The way I feel under your command
Take my hand as the sun descends
They can’t touch you now,
Can’t touch you now, can’t touch you now
Because the night belongs to lovers …

Live Video of Because the Night

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