Comfort – David Mead

David Mead is what I call “Sunday Morning music” the kind of music I like to listen to in the early hours of Sunday while I drink my tea. The album this song is on Mine and Yours is also a perfect rainy day album. This song definitely makes me think of a rainy day. It isn’t a sad song but a little melancholy. It also doesn’t have any loud parts so you can imagine having it playing soft while you lay in bed half listening to them music and half listening to the rain.

The simple arrangement allows the vocals to really shine. Though Mead doesn’t ever get super high he has a nice range and is able to change key smoothly which is important is a song like this. You don’t want to have a grating change when you are singing a more soothing type song.

Great lyrics in this song too.

We’re talking trash again like long sedated lovers
Baby what’s become of us
A latent memory of Southern spring and summer
Maybe Winter in New York
It’s started raining now on all my best intentions
I’m putting on my heavy coat
I’ll take an airplane and leave the worst unmentioned
Blame it on a lack of time
When I was given to easy answers
I swept you off your feet
But now the dancing days are gone
You sleep alone, leave the radio on

Video for Comfort

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