Vamos A Bailar – Gipsy Kings

I have no idea what language the Gipsy Kings even sing in…Spanish? So I certainly can’t tell you what this song is about. But does it really matter? Its so awesome in its amazing guitar and fast playing and vocals that they could be singing a grocery list and I’d listen. Its amazing people can play and sing this fast. The video I am posting with this shows them live and they don’t even look like they are breaking a sweat.

The song definitely has a cheerful feeling to me (someone’s going to tell me this about something tragic). But the percussion and the liveliness of the music leads be to believe I am correct in assuming this is some sort of celebration song. It makes you want to salsa dance even if you have no idea how to. Also makes you feel lazy for not being able to play guitar at a million miles an hour!

Live Performance by Gipsy Kings

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