Hey Ya! – Outkast

This song makes me think of summer time. I don’t even remember if it actually came out in the summer but it definitely has a summer time vibe to me. It’s the pace of the song for sure. Its fast but in a carefree way that makes you feel like the song could go on forever while you sit on the beach thinking about nothing in particular.

I also enjoy this song because the lyrics are silly but kind of sweet and romantic at the same time. Romantic like this: My baby don’t mess around/Because she loves me so/And this I know for shooo. Silly like this:
Alright now fellas, (YEAH!)
Now what’s cooler than bein’ cool?
(ICE COLD!) I can’t hear ya’
I say what’s cooler than bein’ cool?
(ICE COLD!) whooo…

I dare you not to groove to this song.

Video for Hey Ya!

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