The Buggles – Living in the Plastic Age

This song seems appropriate for the first post in 2010. So much we thought would be true by now…like robot servants!

The Buggles album The Age of Plastic will always have a warm spot in my heart because my older sister gave it to me because I loved the song Video Killed the Radio Star. She actually gave me the cassette tape and I played the heck out of that thing. I really liked a lot of the songs on it.

I love how artificial the songs on this song are. Even the vocals which not seem to be manipulated seem artificial or robotic in some way. I love how the chorus builds in a ghostly voice and then seems to evaporate into thin air.

I love these lyrics:
They send the heart police
To put you under cardiac arrest
And as they drag you the door
They tell you that you’ve failed the test

They are so silly and yet remind me of the book Fahrenheit 451 in which words we know at present are twisted to be other things.

Modern live playing of song

Super 80’s live playing of song

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