Velvet – The Big Pink

Lately, I have been actively trying to find recently made music. I feel like as I get older I have a tendency not to actively listen to new music and stay with music in my comfort zone. And though I think there is a wide range of music in my library, I don’t want to stagnant.

I found this song by looking for new music. The underlying snyth sounds and random nature of the instrumental reminds me of the control chaos of the newer Radiohead. I like that the vocals are not like Radiohead because Radiohead is already doing their thing. I like the vocals have a melancholy sound that seems to almost be breaking through the chaos of the instruments. It appeals to me like hearing a clear voice in the craziness of a crowd.

The chaotic nature disolves at the bridge and the voice is left clear as if you have made it through the other side of some quest through the noise.

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