Cannonball – The Breeders

Another song that sounds better the louder you play it!

Things I like about this song:
– The minimal drumming. The clicky clack sound at the start and the very minimal sounds through out that are very crisp and clean. It fits perfect with the sound of the song.
– The bass is freaking awesome. I could just listen to the bass in this song and be happy.
– All the distortion sound. Both in the musical instruments and the vocals. I love distortion. I have no idea why.
– It has yelling. Yelling is a plus because it means I get an excuse to yell to myself in the car!
– Mostly girl rock band! Where have all the rocking chicks gone. It seemed like in the 90’s we were taking over and now it seems to be dying off. Come on girls, get famous already! And put some distortion in your songs!

And now turn up your speakers and listen!
Video for Cannonball

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