New Fang – Them Crooked Vultures

I am jumping on the bandwagon of love and adoration for Them Crooked Vultures. Sometimes when amazing rockers get together it does not have the desired effect *cough*Audio Slave *cough* so I was a little leery of Them Crooked Vultures. But I admit they work.

Dave Grohl’s drumming in this song is….A-MAZING! Usually I don’t fall in love with drum tracks (aside from my awesome husband’s drum tracks) but hello! All the cymbal and crashiness at the start of this song. LOVE!

This song feels a little bluesy to me. I am not sure what it about the song. There seems to be blues underpinning. I think it might be the rhythm of the vocals.

And I adore songs that sound better the louder they are played. I should just make a mix of those kind of songs. This would be on the list for sure.

New Fang sans actual video

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