Come Out and Play – Offspring

I checked and double checked that I had no already wrote about this song because I love this song. I was shocked I hadn’t already written about it.

Another in my favorite genre of music which is Music that sounds better the louder you play it. It came on the radio this morning and I just kept turning it up through out the song.

I really like how even during the “slower” parts of the song, the band is playing out with drums and guitars going full pace.

The guitars are just awesome. Playing both rock and that weird sound that makes me think of a snake charmer.

I also really like the clicky, tight sounds of the drums some of which I think are made by hitting the rim instead of the head.

As always I give high points to songs that are easy for me to yell along with. This song doesn’t always do this there are some lyrics I don’t know but I can fake it with other words, I am sure even Offspring does that on occasion.

Video for Come Out and Play

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