Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC

If I was forced to select a band as my favorite, it would totally be AC/DC. If you can’t appreciate how rocking they are you can’t really appreciate rock n roll in my opinion. Do I even need to mention how great Angus Young is? Its self-evident is it not?

I saw them in concert and it was hands DOWN the best concert I ever saw. Though earplugs were totally necessary!

All AC/DC songs aside from being awesome also have another quality I look for in songs, they are easy to sing along to and have great lyrics. Granted they are necessarily poetry, they are just awesome.

How can you not love lyrics like:

So your, havin’ trouble with your life of love,

you got a broken heart,

he’s double dealin’ with your best friend,that’s when the teardrops start,

pick up the phone I’m here alone,
just make a social call,

come right in,
forget about him,
we’ll have ourselves a ball.

Live Video of Brian Johnson singing Dirty Deeds

P.S. Brian Johnson is my favorite lead singer for the band.

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