By & By – Brett Dennen

Simple sounds seem to be what I crave when I am in a funk. And this song fits the bill. Its just a man and a guitar. And Brett’s vocals are so beautiful. His voice is this unusual mixture of a kind of roughness with a lightness. It’s the kind of sound that makes me think of heartbreaking love songs.

The lyrics to this song are so wonderful. They are a combination of love and longing and need. Which is the kind of love song I dig. What can I say, I was an English major, I need something deep to make my heart go pitter pat.

I love these lyrics in particular:

and I know words can be the worst to pervey
how it is I feel for you, it’s hard for me to say
but if we keep it simple, I think it’s better that way
tangled words tend to lead my messages astray

oh, i’ll tell you that I
I love you by and by
I don’t know if I’d survive
without a friend like you in my life

Live Performance of By & By

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