9 Crimes – Damien Rice

This song falls into the less is more category of music. Its such a simple song but instead of sounding unfinished it sounds delicate. It makes me think of lace, that is made of all one thread but forms an intricate pattern. The lyrics of this song are basically one line of words however, the singing forms it into an intricate pattern and reveals the emotion of the song.

There is very minor instrumentals but because they are so sparse their impact is all the more emotional and dramatic. As the strings come in, they start out so forlorn and as they build on each other it is a climax, you get the full power of the sadness running through this song.

The vocals are just amazing. Damien Rice does quiet songs like this so well. The female vocals are by Lisa Hannigan are perfect. She appears on his first album “O” and though it seems according to wikipedia they stopped working together her voice really compliments his. Its like the feminine version of his voice.

Video for 9 Crimes

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