Fried eggs – my new favorite ingredient

I recently received the cookbook, The Southern Italian Table by Arthur Schwarty. I love Italian food of all varieties. Pasta, gnocchi, antipasti – you name it, I’ll probably shove it in my mouth. So when this cookbook arrived via the KCRW cookbook club I read it cover to cover the same day. And one of the recipes started a craving. Its called Uova in Purgatoria (Eggs in Purgatory). And it is basically eggs poached in tomato sauce. Even though I had never tasted such a thing before it sounded delicious!

Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Schwarty I don’t always have a can of tomatoes (or even fresh tomatoes) in my cupboard. And I didn’t want to go to the grocery just for a can tomatoes. But I couldn’t shake the craving. So I decided to make something that might fullfil my craving.

I imagined that the tomato sauce would be sweet with a slight tang. And though I didn’t have tomatoes available. I did have onion. I know the two are not comparable exactly but I had to improvise with what I had. So I sliced up half a yellow onion and sauteed it in butter. Now I also couldn’t poach the eggs because in the eggs in purgatory recipe they are poached in the tomato sauce. And chopped onions would not work the same way. Instead I fried the egg until the white was solid but the yellow was still a bit runny. Like a poached egg in the yolk sense but far easier.

It is recommended that Eggs in Purgatory are served on crusty bread but IĀ  imagined them being served on pasta like spaghetti carbonara. I had egg noodles on hand. I put the sauteed onions on the noodles and topped it with the fried egg. Added a little sea salt for taste and it was ready to eat.

Of course, it was nothing like Eggs in Purgatory but I drew my inspiration from the recipe. It also quelled my craving (though looking over the recipe to write this entry has reawakened it, a bit). And I realized how good fried eggs can be as an ingredient not just as a Sunday morning breakfast.

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