A Punch up at a Wedding – Radiohead

The piano and guitar start out with an almost bluesy sound. They are slow and deep which makes me think of a dark blues club. And then the piano starts to sound slightly off in a very intentional way that brings the song more in the realm of a typical Radiohead song that is always a little…strange.

Tom Yorke’s voice never ceases to amaze me. He has a way of reaching ranges and making sounds with his voice that creep me out and I think that is his intention. And his range always amazes me. He has both a low and high end in his voice and a lot of warm tones in his voice but also able to make it seem icy cold.

Lastly, can I just love the phrase “punch up” for fight. I would much rather see a punch up than a fight. Wouldn’t you?

Live performance of A Punch up at a Wedding

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