Meals-Made-at-Home March: Progress Report #2

Though I just did a progress report on Friday, I wanted to document how we made it through the weekend.

For some reason, the weekend is when my husband and I are most likely to eat out. It usually starts on Friday night. We run out for something so we can actually spend time together instead of one of us slaving in the kitchen. Then Saturday morning after the gym, we are hungry and stop someplace for breakfast. And so and so on until the weekend is over and we haven’t set foot in the kitchen except to get a glass of water.

I was very pleased last night when we were getting ready for bed and we hadn’t eaten out once. Not that everything we ate was totally the picture of healthy. Saturday night I baked peanut butter cookies. And Sunday morning was the experiment of cooking out of a tube. I made cinnamon rolls! Yes, cooking out of a tube is not exactly gourmet but if I am going to make every meal I eat for an entire month, some of them have to take less then an hour to execute.

Now, another week to get through. Today has been fine with meals at home but tomorrow could be dicey. I have to take my husband’s car to be served. And who knows when I will come home. Perhaps I will take some PB&J to fight off any temptation.

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