Meals-Made-at-Home March: Progress Report #3

I am going to be candid. This challenge is harder than I first thought it would be. Even if you only eat 3 meals a day (no snacks) that is still 21 meals in a week. Thus far I have made 35 meals, consecutively. Though I am not fixing complicated dishes for every meal, it is starting to wear on me a little.

Today before I started the preparation for my lunch, I sat and considered lunch (while doing other things on the computer) for a good hour plus. I thought about just skipping lunch. I tried to convince myself I wasn’t actually hungry even though I was. I really didn’t want to go into the kitchen and prepare something. Eventually, my hunger won out. But I feel a little lazy considering it is ONLY the 12th! I am not even at the half way point and already I considering skipping a meal rather than have to cook. I can only imagine how I will feel on March 31st.

I have been good despite the being a little worn down of cooking every single meal I eat. I was a bit worried about Tuesday because I had to take my husband’s car for regular service. It meant I would be out a large portion of the day. How did I avoid grabbing food while out? I packed a Luna Bar in my purse.

This actually managed to help me avoid the temptation of doughnuts left out by the kind service center people. And kept me full until I returned home around 2pm.

The only thing I have eaten that wasn’t purchased at a grocery store before hand, this week, is a cup of tea and a cocktail while out with friends. I don’t consider either a real slip up because they are beverages. Plus only¬† a total of 8 dollars was expended and only half the cocktail was imbibed (it was too sour). I believe the spirit of the challenge was upheld!

One the upside of this challenge, I find myself more interested in trying new recipes. I finally tried to make Eggs in Purgatory, the recipe I wrote about earlier. It ended up being “egg” in purgatory. In part because we only had one egg. And in part, I fixed it for myself for breakfast while the husband was out of town.

I don’t think it’s supposed to be a breakfast dish. But it has egg in it, so I don’t see why it can’t be served for breakfast. I thought it was quite tasty though the sauce ended up being a little too salty because I decided not too follow the recipe. I like to improvise when I cook, what can I say?

This weekend, I am planning on making the lemon curd tart I considered making last weekend but didn’t. Also got some beef shoulder super cheap at the grocery, so I’m going to look for a slow cooker recipe for it. I have a feeling the second tube of “don’t screw us up!” cinnamon buns will get baked as they are super easy and I need something easy to lighten the cooking load.

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