Meals-a-Home March: Progress Report #5

This past week I did really well staying on the wagon until last night. I don’t have an elborate excuse this time.

Last night my fair alma mater, Ohio University played in the first round of March Madness against Georgetown. OU was the major underdog. I tuned in (via the internet) assuming that by half time, it would be all over and I could get to the business of making dinner. I was totally wrong. At 6:30pm PST the game was over and I was high on an amazing win by my underdog Bobcats. I was also starving.

I dragged my husband out to a local place that is billed as Mexican food but makes the best hamburgers in the surrounding area. Go figure. Thirty dollars later we’d eaten hamburgers that weren’t as good as I remembered. I was regretful I didn’t just suck up the hunger and cook something at home. But it did help me renew my efforts not to eat out due to the fact that the food was so average.

One and a half weeks left of this experiment. However, I am hoping this month will help change my habits in the coming months and I will eat out less in general. As I have found that though sometimes eating out is worth it (see:BBQ sandwich) often it’s not as good as you hope (see: hamburger).

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