Largo – Handel performed by The London Symphony Orchestra

I have never been a fan of classical music. I think it relates to my monkey brain. There isn’t enough for me to attach to so I have tended to tune classical music out when it is on and my brain starts in on being a monkey.

Lately though I have been looking for escape from noise. I feel like I am constantly being bombarded with sounds I don’t want like barking dogs, leaf blowers and music that though lovely sometimes hits raw nerves. I have thus turned to classical music for some sanctuary. And I have found a new appreciation for it.

For me the best way to enjoy this song is with earphones and eyes closed (try not to fall asleep). It is amazing to me how much emotion a song can have without any words. But the swells and recessions in the music really stir up emotions in your chest (unless you are a robot). And there is something so soothing even as the song gets louder about having a space where there is music that you can interpret as you desire. Allowing you some space to let your mind kind of run around and perhaps your heart to.

This song makes me imagine myself as a bird flying over canyons and enjoying the beauty below and content with life and happy with my own abilities. What does it make you imagine?

User Video of Largo

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