Wake Up – Arcade Fire

This is another song I heard on a movie trailer. I am constantly amazed how movie and television shows find just the perfect song. I guess when it’s what you do all day, eventually you’ll hit upon a lot of amazing stuff under all the so so and awful music.

I think the bass guitar in this song is amazing. It almost creates a noise foundation for the rest of the song. An underlying vibration that keeps the song going.

The male vocalist has that kind of “I have a cold” sounding voice which is perhaps not the most flattering way to describe it but sounds sexy in the context of the song.

And I always enjoy songs that sound like they have a chorus of people singing. It takes me back to my days of musical theater.

The emotional progression of the song is pretty cool to. It starts out a little slow and almost sad and seems to move into a place of light and joy.

User Video for Wake Up

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