Add It Up – Violent Femmes

This song is a classic. At least it is in my world.

This has a favorite musical device in it, which is the slow start that goes directly into a crazy chaos of the song. And then later in the song it gets quiet again only to go back into a loud part. There is something about the contrast that really makes the song for me.

I especially like how the first line has no instrumental accompaniment at all and then the drums and guitars start in.

The rhythm of this song seems simple to me but in a way it seems almost primal and I think that is why I enjoy it. I feel like I can just bounce along with it so easily.

This song also has some great lyrics that are so much fun to sing. How can you not laugh when singing:

Mo my my mymymy mo my mother
I would love to love you, lover
City is restless, it’s ready to pounce
Here in your bedroom, ounce for ounce

In looking for a video to link for this video, I found a lot of strange user videos for this song. Like this one. I guess I can see why this song may inspire some strangeness. I think even stranger was the user video that was this song with various pictures of flamingo dancers. I really can’t figure that video out.

Violent Femmes performing Add It Up Live

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