Meals-Made-at-Home March: Progress Report #6

Here we are at the final Friday of March. Only 5 and a 1/2 days left of my challenge.

During the last week there was more stumbling along the way to the end of the month.

Saturday was a warm spring day and my husband and I stopped at Starbucks and though initially I was going to get a snack and a drink, I restrained myself and only got a tall Iced Chai. Since we had a gift card there was no cost, so the savings was there though the calories probably weren’t great.

Sunday, my husband and I hit the mall. As soon as we got there I realized I was starving. Go figure. And as we came off the escalator there was a little gelato stand. And I folded like a deck of cards.

Then my latest dine out experience was on Wednesday. I had a meeting at 5p and happened to park almost right in front of the famous Father’s Office. I had often heard that the burgers at Father’s Office were some of the best in LA. However, all of LA has apparently heard that too and whenever I had attempted a visit the place was packed to the gills with a line out the door. And for the first time ever, I was there right when they open at 5pm. How could I pass up the opportunity to try what was alleged to be an awesome hamburger. So I disregarded my own challenge to try a Father’s Office hamburger. And drink a tall glass of peach lambic. Both were worth it.

I have been good since Wednesday. I even had friends over and made pizza and wine. Much cheaper for all of us than going out to dinner.

And this weekend is slated to be low key with a BBQ at a friends’ place which will ease my cooking burden.

Though the not eating out vow has been difficult some days. I feel like it is starting to ingrain itself. Or at least I hope so.

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