My 3 Current Food Obsessions

1. Black Mission Fig:

I tried to take a photograph of the dried mission figs I bought but they did not look at all appetizing.

I have had fresh figs before but usually the green figs which have a different flavor. Recently, I was browsing the bulk bins at Whole Foods for lunch snacks. And I noticed dried mission figs. I had been curious about them because lately they seem to be in everything from salad to ice cream.

They taste just like the issue of a fig newton cookie. Which also means I haven’t tried to find a way use them other than eating them straight out of the bag.

2. Coconut Milk:

I read two blog posts that brought about the purchase of some coconut milk.

The first was: David Lebovitz’s blog post about making Banana-Brown Sugar Ice Cream. I don’t own an ice cream maker so I just had to read his recipe and and slobber all over myself. I was particularly taken with the idea of using coconut milk. It seems so summary and tropical.

Then I read a blog post at Delicious Delicious Delicious on Glittering Raspberry Kulfi. Kulfi is apparently a popular frozen treat in South Asia. And the post indicated you only needed evaporated milk, frozen raspberries and sugar.

Some how in my deranged mind, these two recipes came together in a demented smoothie. I put some frozen raspberries, coconut milk, a banana and some agave nectar. It is delicious and tropical and kinda sorta healthy.

3. Lambics:

And finally, lambics. I had heard about these but since they fall in the “beer” category I kind of ignored them. In college I partook in my unfair share of beer. And since then I haven’t been too interested in beer minus the occasional Corona on a hot summer day.

I happened to go to the Father’s Office and felt it would be strange not order some sort of beer since their beer menu is three pages long. I saw a lambic at the bottom of the page and it said it was sweet and fruity. I was a bit skeptic since I had heard this description of beers or wine or even coffee and find them not to be what I consider sweet nor fruity.

The lambic I had did not disappoint. It was like a lovely sparkling cider.

And now I am obsessed. I keep telling people about the wonder of lambics. I even bought a bottle at the store today so I could try another flavor.

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