Top 5 Albums: Back in Black – AC/DC

2. Back in Black – AC/DC

What Wikipedia says about the album:

Released on 25 July 1980, Back in Black was the first AC/DC album recorded without former lead singer Bon Scott, who died on 19 February 1980 at the age of 33, and was dedicated to him. The band considered disbanding following Scott’s death, but they ultimately decided to continue and shortly thereafter hired Brian Johnson as their new lead singer and lyricist. Producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who had previously worked with AC/DC on Highway to Hell, was again brought in to produce. The recordings were made at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, and Electric Lady Studios in New York, where the album was also mixed.

What I say about the album:

My love of AC/DC developed like a real romance. It was like one day I met this band named AC/DC. And as we got to know each other we became friends and then one day I realized “Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with AC/DC!”  On that day I also realized almost every song that I adore by this band happens to be on Back in Black. If they threw Dirty Deeds on there it would include everything. Not that I don’t like a lot of their other music because I do. But my favorite of favorite songs are on Back in Black.

To me these songs are the MOST rock and roll. I believe that Brian Johnson and I must be kindred rock souls. Back in Black was his first album with the band after the unfortunate death of the original lead singer. And I think he hit the nail on the head with all the songs. I have discussed my love of the song Back in Black. But there are so many songs on this album that have awesome lyrics. I mean there is a reason “Let Put My Love Into You” was put on the Parents Music Resource Center Filthy Fifteen list in 1985.

I think it helps that this was a come back album because you feel that sense of renewal and second changes in the playing of the band. As if they were reborn from the ashes of the death of Bon Scott. And we all get to rock out because of it.

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