Top 5 Albums: Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Simon & Garfunkel

4. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

What Wikipedia Says About the Album:

Bridge Over Troubled Water is the fifth and final studio album by Simon & Garfunkel. Released on January 26, 1970, it reached No. 1 on Billboard Music Charts pop albums list. It won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, as well as for Best Engineered Recording, while its title track won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in the Grammy Awards of 1971. It has since sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

What I say about the Album:

I first became interested in Simon & Garfunkel when I was complaining to my mother that no one ever wrote songs with my name in them. Which is still true. My mom tried to lift my spirits and presented me with the 45 with the single “Cecilia” by Simon & Garfunkel on it. I was hooked. At one time I owned all their albums on cassette tape. But sadly as the years have progressed the cassettes were scattered in the wind. My love of one album particular did not fade.

Bridge Over Troubled Water has a gathering of the best of Simon & Garfunkel. It has some moving songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and “Only Living Boy in New York.” And it has just silly songs like “Baby Driver” and “Keep the Customer Satisfied.” It’s a well balanced album covering every emotion you can imagine.

I think I like this album the best because it has the best balance of folk to rock. Some of their other albums like  “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” contain songs that stray a little too far into straight out folk for my tastes. Their more folky songs tend to be a little too sappy without any real emotion behind them. But all the songs on Bridge Over Troubled Water either are comical or seem to have the emotional backing to them for the songs to sound sincere and touching.

It also doesn’t hurt that this is the album that “Cecilia” appears on. I may be biased but I’m not wrong about the album.

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