Top 5 Albums: O – Damien Rice

5. O – Damien Rice

What Wikipedia Says about the Album:

O is the name of Damien Rice’s first studio album, originally released on 1 February 2002, in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The album is dedicated to Rice’s friend Mic Christopher, who died of a head injury in 2001. Rice wanted to make the album without the backing of a major record label, believing if he signed such a deal it would compromise his future work, forcing him to move in directions he did not wish to.

What I say about the Album:

I really wrestled with what my number 5 spot for top albums would be. The first 4 were no brainers. But the fifth seems to constantly change. I think O will hold the spot for a while.

Of all the ways to learn about new artists and albums, I learned of Damien Rice from an issue of Newsweek. Yes, I said Newsweek. I have a subscription to Newsweek. Yes, I liked it, shut it.  I don’t recall much about the review of the album now other than it said Damien Rice was a lot David Gray. And that Damien Rice was kind of full of himself. And because of this review I checked him out. And was in love with his music.

This album is excellent. It has a low-fi sound without sounding like crap. In other words, it doesn’t sound like much editing or any dreaded autotune was used but because Damien Rice is such an amazing singer and musician it doesn’t need any of that crap.

Each song is well crafted an complete. There isn’t a single song on this album that I listen to and think “this would be better if…” The lyrics are like poetry and the sound of the songs fits the mood to perfection. And the backing vocals by Lisa Hannigan match Rice’s ability to a tea.

The songs are definitely a little morose most cases. But I wouldn’t say this album can only be listened to when you are in a down mood. Though an overcast day probably would be more appropriate.

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