Sunday’s Song: Anonymous Melody – ORG lounge

I really want to get back to reviewing songs not only to have something to write about but because it gave me encouragement to look for new music that I really enjoyed. But doing anything daily that isn’t going to work is rough for me now. Sunday’s however are generally pretty free.

Today I picked a song that I had “thumbed up” on my Zero 7 station on Pandora. As a side, Pandora one of the ways I locate music I like. It is easier to create a station of based on a band or song I already know I like and let Pandora do the heavy lifting to find me others songs that fit the things I like.

I like this specifically for it’s lack of lyrics. Sometimes I need music to create a space for me to think about things I need to think about. It might be thinking about something I am reading or plans I need to make. Kind of like a safe harbor in a storm. And lyrics just clutter up the mental space I am trying to create.

I know a lot of people use classical music for this sort of purpose but usually classical music just bores me. I think it’s the general lack of percussion and similar sounds like makes me itchy in classical music when I am trying to do some serious thinking. Also, I like songs to be relatively short and classical “songs” can be two hours long.

This song is perfect, it is not to short, not too chaotic, and no lyrics. It’s a strong silent type allowing me to sit and think and read. But it doesn’t sound like Muzak(tm) which a lot of instrumental music can stray into.

The only place I could find a complete version to listen to.

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