Sunday’s Song: They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light – This Will Destroy You

I tend to shy away from purely instrumental music. One of the typical things I judge songs on whether I can belt it out while in the car. But this is one of the exceptions.

It has interest even in just the instrumental while having a meditative quality to it as certain notes are repeated almost like a mantra being repeated over and over through out the song.

The rough synthetic beat that comes in in the middle of the song adds a contrast to the song that makes the smoother instrumental sounds seem all the more calming.

This is what I categorize as a “close your eyes song” because its the kind of song you should put on headphones for and close your eyes, isolating yourself from all outside influence and just let the song take over. Like guided meditation but hipper, perhaps.

It definitely fits in perfect to my Sunday routine of slow going.

User video for They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light

(has calming images to match the song)

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