Album of the Week: Hadestown By Anais Mitchell

I reviewed a single song from this album a while back. And I still really love that song in particular but am in love with the whole album. I bought it last weekend and I have probably listened to the full album 20 to 30 times. Keep in mind I can’t listen to music most of my week days due to work so this means I have listened to it  in my car, almost every second I have been in my car in the last week. I am listening to it right now because it has been a few hours since I listened to it.

It’s a folk opera based on the myth of Orpheus myth but set in a kind of generic depression era. Kindly of timely considering the current economic situation.  Though it is basically a musical, each song is well crafted and can stand alone, like any good album.

Every artist that sings on the album are amazing and perfect for their roles. Greg Brown has a deep, thick voice that gives me the shivers. And he of course plays Hades. And Anais Mitchell plays Eurydice. In the myth, Eurydice dies, but in Hadestown she chooses to go to Hadestown to escape poverty. Her voice is so beautiful, in the happier songs, her voice is so light that I feel like I am floating. But in the said songs her voice had have such bittersweetness it breaks my heart.

Even the lyrics are perfect. And admittedly catchy — yes, you caught me I sing along in the car!

The songs are folk but definitely sound modern. Even if you are are a theater geek like me, I think you can enjoy them.

Give a test listen!

Hadestown Website

Amazon’s Page for Hadestown

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