5 Things of Interest – The Anthropologie Edition

I have a secret desire to be Lorelai Gilmore. If you ever watched Gilmore Girls you know her fashion is a mix of rock ‘n’ roll and girly girl — if you know me you might see why I want to be here — that and she is gorgeous and tall.

And I am sure Lorelai Gilmore, fictional character that she is, shops at Anthropplogie. I am in love with the store. I am so in love in fact that when I receive a gift card for Anthropologie I end up holding on to it for months as I dream of the many things I could spend it on. The following are the current things that have caught my eye.

1. Sun Garden Loungers

Who doesn’t love cute pajamas? These are so adorable, so much so I might wear them to the grocery without embarrassment.

2. Waving Grains Pumps

These look comfortable and cute. I would need to find something to match the yellow.

3. Magpie Chandelier

I love how this is something that looks fancy until you look closer and realize its made of common items. So fun.

4. Secret Treasure Dress

This dress is so 1940 and a gorgeous green. I would love to wear this on a weekend.

5. Josef Wingback Chair, Pink Shell

This chair combines the very traditional style with a pattern that is so modern. I love the colors are deep and rich and would be a perfect focal point chair.

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