Adventures in Ice Cream Making

I am not obsessed with sweet. In fact, if I had to choose, 8 out of 10 times, I’d probably choose some sort of savory food over a sweet treat. I am pretty sure this is hereditary. My dad loved salt and my older sister has an unnatural love of salt (she salts her pizza…seriously), so I have to think my craving for savory is in my genes. However, if I am to partake in sweetness I prefer the frozen yumminess of ice cream (frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet are also acceptable).

Despite my love of cooking, I could not make my beloved ice cream because I did not have an ice cream maker. I refused to buy one because I loath unitaskers in the kitchen. Unitaskers are those kitchen gadgets and tools that serve a very specialized task. Usually a unitasker is used once or twice and then banished to some high cupboard or back closet never to be taken out again until said location is purged.

Why did I break down and get one? I can’t say my feeling on unitaskers has changed. Nor have I removed ice cream makers from the unitasker category. I got one as a treat. I have birthday money and as I searched for something to spend it on, I kept falling on extremely practical items. Things that no one would ever give me for my birthday because they would be the saddest birthday gifts ever. However, an ice cream maker is not at all a sad gift. It is quiet joyous in fact. And my birthday money covered it perfectly.

My downfall has arrived.
So the Cuisnart Ice Cream Maker joined my kitchen. Ice cream making has been a lot of fun. I thought it would be difficult but really the hardest part is patience while the custard churns away in the maker.

My first batch of ice cream was vanilla. I know making vanilla sounds so pointless but I figured I should start with a basic before I tried experimenting. The vanilla was really good. Not sure it was any better than if I had run to the store and bought some but it was good. And my main taste tester, Mr. Read had no complaints.

My second batch, I branched out to a little to Guiness-Chocolate Ice Cream. It was this kind of recipe that had lead to my desire for an ice cream maker. You can’t find these kind of flavors at the store (usually). I was a little nervous about this recipe because I don’t drink Guiness so I had no idea if I would enjoy it in ice cream. It was awesome! It added just the right amount of savory to contrast with the chocolate. I felt like this recipe was actually easier than vanilla. The vanilla ice cream required an hour of infusing the cream with vanilla bean. The Guiness-chocolate was ready to go very quickly. Mr. Read was in love with this flavor.

I have been relying on David Lebovitz to guide me through the last two batches of ice cream. I suppose who better?

My next planned batch I am really stretching since I can’t find a recipe that perfect captures what I want. I am planning on making a lemon-vanilla ice cream with a blueberry swirl. What?! I know it sounds good doesn’t it?

I intend to use a bon apetit recipe for Lemon Ice Cream for the base. And then add in a homemade blueberry sauce once in the maker.

Next up after that is likely Green Tea per the desperate request of my main taste tester. Then perhaps pineapple. And then I am curious to try to make a vegan ice cream using coconut milk perhaps.

I guess if there was ever a time to buy a silly unitasker ice cream maker, its the summer time. Yum!

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