5 Things of Interest

1. The Creativity Crisis

This is an article about the findings that Americans are becoming less creative. I am not just talking about in the arty farty way either (though that plays a part in all this). It is a very interesting and disturbing article.

2. Pumpkin Daal with Rice

I love pumpkin and Mr. Read loves Indian food. This sounds like a must try for our household.

3. Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine

It’s totally what you think! How it works…I am still trying to wrap my brain around. I am equal parts intrigued and frightened by this recipe.

4. Wash With Joe

This product was recommended in Real Simple. I am attracted to it due to my forbidden love affair with coffee (I really can’t drink it anymore due to health reasons). I love the smell of coffee though so using it as a body wash might be a compromise I have to come to.

5. Writing on title with Dry Erase Markers

This is a picture from David Lebovitz’s flickr stream of a friend’s kitchen. The friend has scribbled a grocery list on the tile with a dry erase marker. First, this looks cool because it is in French, everything is cooler in French. Second, what a great idea. I used to something similar to this at my old apartment. I would write notes on our mirror with dry erase. Lastly, I love little pictures of everyday life. Perfect.

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